What is IIJT?
IIJT is the evolved brand identity of our well-known training brand after its merger with TeamLease, India's largest staffing company. IIJT stands for our commitment to always be industry relevant and ensure that every course is outcome based.

How will this association IIJT -TeamLease, help students?
TeamLease Services is India's No. 1 provider of HR services and has spearheaded the temporary staffing revolution in the country. It supplies a range of temporary and permanent manpower solutions for more than 1200 clients. With a national presence spanning 700 cities in India, TeamLease has placed a person every five minutes for the last eight years. IIJT's ties with this staffing powerhouse mean greater access to more job-related opportunity for its students.

Can TeamLease guarantee a student a job?
While TeamLease cannot guarantee jobs, placement outcomes will improve dramatically for IIJT's students given the fresh access to TeamLease's network of 1200+ client organizations. This is in addition to other existing opportunities that IIJT certification can help connect them to.

What are some of the companies that students can aim to be placed in?
This list will keep on changing based on job availability at that point in time. A sample list of our regular clients has been posted in the placement section.

How does IIJT certification help in the job search?
IIJT certification is recognized by employers nationwide because its courses help develop relevant skills that are actively sought by companies. Courses are designed based on intensive research into sector-specific jobs and the profiles of ideal candidates for these jobs. This tailored approach is the reason why IIJT certification carries more weight in the marketplace and provides its graduates with a real competitive edge.

Can a student enroll in specific modules rather than an entire program?
Absolutely. A student can take an assessment and see what the skill gaps are. Based on this the counselors at the centres will help you choose the programme that is right for you. If you already have most of the skills required you can pick only the module or modules that fill the skill gap.

What is the process for registering in an IIJT course?
Registration at IIJT is hassle-free and is completed in a few easy steps. Prior to enrolling in a course, a student will be required to complete an assessment. The results of the assessment enable IIJT to guide the student to a program that best fits his or her abilities. Subsequently, after submitting the completed application form along with any necessary documents, the student will be enrolled in the program and can start attending classes. You can register online, call 1-800 2 666 777 or walk into any of our 250+ centres. Within minutes you will be given a student ID. Take a counseling sessing with one of our counselors, it is FREE. They will be able to guide you. If you are not sure about which direction to go, we recommend that you take an assessment which helps us understand your strengths and your aptitude in various areas. This understading will enable us to guide you in the right direction.